Innovative Practices followed in the State :

Involvement of SHG :

State Government has involved the Female Self Help Group in distribution of mid-day meal in rural areas. In this way the government has generated employment for the women of the state thus strengthening the women power.

Developed Online Payment Software

For online Management and Monitoring State Govt. has developed an online software for food grain management, payment of cooking cost and honorarium of cooks cum helper. For transparency any people can see the report of any dist., block or any school of the state concerning Mid-Day Meal.

Food taste by HM

The headmasters and teachers engaged in the programme will only monitor the conduction of programme and taste the cooked hot meal before serving.

21 points instruction has been written in wall

After the incident the state of Bihar 21 points instruction has been written in wall of the school at a visible place. It includes important telephone and mobile number for contact in case of happening of incident casual.

E-Transfer of Funds:

Funds are electronically transferred to cooking agencies in order to stop the unnecessary delay.

Hygienic conditions

Preparation of meals special care is being taken of hygienic conditions for ex. Women of self-help group used to wash their hand before preparing meal. Before preparation of food they usually sweep the room. School children also wash their hand before taking meals.

Additional (Rs.200) Honorarium to Cooks

For better performance and attention of cook state government has given Rs 200 additional honorarium by state budget.

Additional Contribution of Rs. 2.10 for Cooking Cost

To improve the quality of Mid-Day Meal state government also give extra share in cooking cost.

Promotion of kitchen garden in schools

In this regard 15 blocks out of 146 blocks in state have provided 1 lakh to give 10 thousand rupees to 10 schools in block to promote Kitchen Garden in Mid-Day Meal scheme as pilot project from MEMO.

(Source : AWP&B-2016-17 State write up)