Innovative Practices followed in the State :

Involvement of Self Help Groups:

The hot cooked meal under Mid-Day Meal is supplied to the schools by the Self Help Groups. A Self Help Group mainly consists of women, which ensures smooth functioning of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme. These Self Help Groups are comprising of women and hence provides employment opportunities to them.

Inclusion of values:-

The children in the schools sit together without discrimination while eating hot cooked meal. This inculcates oneness among the children.

No involvement of teacher and students:

Since the contract of supplying hot cooked meal is given to Self Help Groups/Manila Mandal there is no scope for teacher and students to get involved in the preparation of Mid Day Meal and hence no wastage of teaching learning hours.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

At the school level the scheme is monitored by Head of the Institution, Teachers and Parents Teacher Association and School Management Committee. At the taluka level it is supervised & monitored by Adult Education Supervisor and taluka A.D.E.I.s. The State Nodal Officer (MDM) monitors overall functioning of the scheme in the state. Besides other officers of Education Department while on tour also supervise the scheme.

Tasted by the school teacher and one of the parents

The quality & quantity of food items is tested and tasted by the school teacher and one of the parents before serving to the students.

Each school keeps two samples of Mid-Day Meal

Each school keeps two samples of Mid-Day Meal supplied to them for a day in two separate containers for analysis if any untoward incident occurs.

Training to Self Help Groups:

The members of Self Help Groups are trained by Nutrition expert.

Payment made through ECS

All payments of Cook cum helpers, SHGs/MMs/PTAs and Food Corporation of India are done through ECS.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)