Innovative Practices followed in the State :

An initiative: “Sukhadi Project ”

To increase the utilization of food grain and enhance calorie and protein intake by students to enhance the coverage.

Items Item Std.1-5(gms) Std. 6-8(gms)
Wheat 20 25
Jaggery 15 20
Jaggery 15 20
Oil 10 12
Total Calories 214 267

Provide Milk in MDM

Sanctioned budget 2015-16: To provide pasteurized 200 ml. of milk in all non-tribal developing blocks for 1,91,706 beneficiaries of 21 blocks at the cost of Rs.72.55 crore.

Tithi Bhojan

The State Government has initiated the concept of Public Participation in the scheme through the concept of “Tithi Bhojan”. The Villagers sponsor the food with sweets for children on various occasions and provide utensil for MDM centres. Total 77.64 lakhs meals are served during June to December 2015.

Free food grain to Tribal Girls under Mid Day Meal

Additional 60 kgs. of wheat given to the tribal girl students who complete 70% attendance in the primary schools (each session separately).

TASP programme has been implemented

TASP programme has been Implemented in the tribal areas of Bharuch, Valsad, Narmada, Vadodara, Dang, Dahod, Surat, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Navsari, Panchmahal and Tapi . Provision for additional food grain (wheat) to the tribal girl students to be implemented through Mid-Day Meal Scheme financed under TASP. Approximately 5.37 lacs tribal girls were benefitted from the scheme in 2014-15 on expenditure of Rs 60.00 crore.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)