Innovative Practices followed in the State :

Provided additional of Rs. 1900 per cook from State budget

In Haryana State Honorarium to cooks is Rs. 2500/-per month in which Centre Share is Rs.600/- and State Share is Rs.1900/- per month against the mandatory State share of Rs. 400/- per month from 1st January 2014.

Medical check-up and insurance cover to CCHs

Medical examination of CCHs done twice a year. Insurance cover to all Cooks-cum-Helpers of MDMS under “Pardhan Mantri Bima Yojna” will be launched. Finances apprehended to be incurred on the same are being worked out.

Kitchen Garden:

Developing kitchen garden in the schools by making use of available land in the schools. Maintenance of kitchen garden in school has been done by the community.

Aluminium storage bins

Availability of good quality aluminium storage bins for storing food grains.


As an innovative initiative a mobile van named KALAM EXPRESS has been introduced in the district Jind for providing free home base education, meals and medical facility to children with special needs.

Solar cooker in Sonepat Schools

As per the advice of Central Government, the State of Haryana is using solar cooker in Sonepat schools for cooking MDM. It will be gradually extended to other districts.

State Level Review Mission

The State has set up a Review Mission which will be an independent body for monitoring the implementation body for monitoring the implementation of MDMS in two districts in the State which will be extended to other districts in due course.

MDM mobile App

The State government has developed a mobile app for monitoring of MDM particularly record keeping, right from the school level, which will be accessible to staff at Head Quarter at any time on any given day. It is a unique mobile application which will address most of the issue pertaining to Mid-Day Meals. The mobile application has following specific monitoring details:

  1. The MDM app will help monitor the scheme properly and also help the school staff to maintain stock registers etc.
  2. It will reduce the burden of paper work.
  3. Streamline the monitoring systems.
  4. Make the MDM system more transparent.

Tithi Bhojan

Every third Tuesday of the month will be celebrated as girl student’s birthday jointly as “Beti Ka Janamdin-School Me Abhinandan”. All the girls whose birthdays will fall in the given month will be congratulated and given a special treatment during the MDM. It is also aimed at giving a fill up to the community participation as parents will also be invited to these celebrations and will be given a window of free participation in the MDM and other activities of the school.

Involvement of SHG

Involvement of Self Help Groups in cooking and management of MDM.

Contribution to MDMs on special festivals

Community contribution on special festivals and national day’s celebration in schools. Insurance cover to all Cooks-cum-Helpers of MDMS under “Pardhan Mantri Bima Yojna” will be launched. Finances apprehended to be incurred on the same are being worked out.

Monitoring Cell

Head office Officers including DSE and DEE except those officers who are from academic cadre will conduct atleat 2 inspections per month. The officer belonging to academic cadre will conduct atleast 3 inspections per month. The District level officers that is DEO, DEEO, Dy. DEO will conduct one inspection per week i.e. atleast 4 per month. The Block level officers i.e. BEO, BEEO shall conduct minimum 2 inspections per week i.e. atleast 8 per month. Monitoring cell at State level with dedicated telephone number (0172-2584522) and Email address ( mdmhry@gmail.com ). Programme & Accounts Executives working at the District and block levels. They inspect 5 schools weekly and get report on telephone of ten schools daily. The Department employed 4 monitoring officers at commissioner level to monitor the scheme. Monitoring officers visit to the schools and send their report to Directorate. These reports have been compiled at Directorate level by the Programme Executives. Action has to be taken at Directorate level. Where there is any deficiency found , schools have been directed from Directorate. Place to all boys/girls in a school.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)