Jammu & Kashmit

Innovative Practices followed in the State :

Social harmonization

All students, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion take the MDM together in the schools and thus spread a message of common brotherhood and also imbibe good traditions of the Indian society amongst the Students.

Participation of the women

Participation of the women, particularly the cooks in cooking and serving to the children/students is very good practice. It has also enforced the accountability of teachers towards society to impart quality education to students.

Kitchen Garden

In some of the places, the students have been motivated to produce the vegetables by making use of available land in the schools effectively.This will not only make the school self-sustainable but would also include the habit of self—reliance amongst the students.

Hand washing

Students have been motivated to wash their hands before and after taking the meals and for the same every school has been provided soaps.

Use of double fortified salt

Use of double fortified salt with iron and iodine has been made mandatory in the schools. Kheer as sweet dish has been introduced in the schools on one day in the week along with the regular needs.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)