Innovative Practices followed in the State :

Utilizing locally grown food grains, vegetables

The state has given liberty to the district authorities in utilizing locally grown food grains, vegetables and other ingredients to utilize based on the local taste along with the uniformity of menu chart. Eg. use of Ragi in Kolar and other districts were encouraged. Supplied wheat is utilized in varieties for preparing puddings, upma and other tasty food of their choice.

Ksheera Bhagya Yojana (Providing hot Milk)

The Govt. of Karnataka has introduced “Ksheera Bhagya Yojana” by giving 150 ml hot milk during assembling hours of the school for 3 days in a week. It is benefitting 64 lakh children under the state fund of Rs.300 Crores per year.Order issued for maintaining the health and hygiene of children.The Govt of Karnataka has issued an order No.ED40MMS2012, Bangalore dated 27-07-2013 implementing the scheme for maintaining the complete health and hygiene of children and to avoid anaemia and malnutrition among the children for their potential growth. Proteinaceous balanced diet is provided in the form of hot prepared milk to the children of 1-10th standards in Govt. and Aided schools of MDM on alternative days of the week-Monday, Wednesday, Friday but for Urdu schools on Saturday. Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is supplying milk powder of fresh in 1kg packs are supplied to schools based on the average requirements and indents proposed.

Aprons, caps and hand gloves for cooks

The cooks-cum-helpers of MDM kitchens are provided with aprons, caps and hand gloves, purchased out of accumulated funds of the school. To this effect the order is issued from the state. From the beginning of 2014-15 complete implementation is expected. Pits are dug in the school premises selecting the corner zone for dumping the wastes and a layer of mud is covered for gaining the composts which will be utilized for growing vegetables in school gardens. School gardens are maintained in majority of the schools to grow vegetables for utilizing in MDM, water source is through the hand, plates and utensil wash will be channelized to the garden. Pupils also help in developing school gardens. Many schools have coconut trees along with other fruit bearings trees/plants, Mango, Guava, Papaya, Banana etc., and the Coconuts are abundantly used based on the availability of palms in the institution.

Health and Hygiene of the Children

For maintenance of health and hygiene the class, teachers check the pupils personally maintaining tidiness while consuming food e.g., Outgrowth of nails and their removal to avoid unhygienic act. The children clean and wash plates and tumblers before and after meals. Brushing of teeth is also checked by the teacher before meals and are advised to use toothpaste to maintain the denture and gums free from infections.

Eco-friendly relation

Eco friendliness is also taught to the children to maintain the school garden and other herbal growth around their houses and is also instructed for a forestation in plant growing areas to grow useful plants. Thus eco-friendly relation is maintained.

Prayer before consuming the meal

Cultural aspects like offering prayer before consuming the meal are also maintained uniformly in all schools.

Use of fire extinguisher

Use of fire extinguisher, sand and water to extinguish the ignited fire is also taught from 5 to 10th standard pupils.

Food and nutritional values are taught in all the classes

Food and nutritional values are taught in all the classes of all MDM school. Thus hesitation to drink milk by some students, throwing of cooked vegetable pieces without consumption, amount of food to be consumed as per capacity are all taught to all classes of children for maintenance of hygienic and nutritional values. MDM Components are included in textbook cover page for awareness of the children.

Contingencies plan:

Handling emergency situations and First aid treatment have been compulsorily taught to all teachers which has descending even to the upper class children in avoiding mishaps and other casualties.

Competition for Cook-cum-helper(CCH)

School level competitions are arranged for students, cooks in respect of MDM best practices and achievements. Competition for CCHs in the preparation of variety of food items by using MDM food grains are held at inter school and Taluka levels to encourage the workers.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)