Best/Innovative practices followed in UT

Provided Rs. 300/- per working to CCHs

UT Administration contribute more than mandatory share and cooks are provided Rs.300/- per working day to Cook-cum-helpers.

Additional Items (Egg, Fish, chicken and fruits)

Egg, fish, chicken, fruits etc. are provided as additional items in Mid-Day Meal.

Cooperative Society supply Ingredients in credit basis

Ingredients and other articles required to MDM implementation are provided by the Cooperative Society in Islands on credit bills and credit bills are settled on the time of release of money from the Ministry.

Honorarium to CCH through e-transfer

All Cook-Cum Helpers are having bank account and their Honorarium is provided through E-Transfer.

Capacity building

Capacity building programme to Principals, Headmaster and MDM teachers have been organized to update their knowledge on time to time instructions, guidelines, FSSA etc. received from the Ministry to improve the implementation of MDM programme in schools many stage as supplementary nutrition.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)