Madhya Pradesh

Innovative Practices followed in the State :

There are very many best practices which are prevalent in the State, apart from this several innovative practices have also been started in various districts of the State.

Empowerment of women of Weaker Section:

In rural areas of Madhya Pradesh SHGs of poor and weaker sections women have been given at school level overall implementation of MDM at school level. Currently, about 75,000 women SHG's are providing MDM in more than one lakh schools in the State for this a tri-partied. Agreement is signed amongst Gram Panchayat, SMC and SHG for effective and smooth implementation of Programme. The cooking cost is released directly in the account of SHGs through e-transfer. They lift food grain from PDA shop, store it in the kitchen-shed wash and clean it before cooking maintain records, etc.

Weekly Menus painted on wall:

Weekly menus have been prepared to introduce variety and the weekly menu has been painted on the school wall. Introduction of “ Delicious New Menu” after making amendment in the pre-fixed menu for keeping interest in students to come to school.

Provision of pre-testing of the meal

There is provision of pre-testing of the meal prepared at the school level every day by head-master/nodal teacher responsible for monitoring of MDM before the meal is served to the children.

System of monitoring by community

There is a good system of monitoring by community under this mother roster is followed in each school where by everyday some women parents come to school for testing food before it is served to children. Similarly, there is 28 monitoring by Antyoday Card Holder Senior Citizens there is a panel of 3-5 card holders in every school. Registers are maintained at the school level for community monitoring. Inspection register are maintained at every school level wherein any officer who comes to the school for a visit note downs his observations whose compliance has to be made by school/concern agencies.

Protocol to address for complaints

State has issued action protocol to address serious complaints immediately.

Dedicated Staff

At district level, a dedicated staff of 01 Task Manager and 01-03 Quality Monitors have been made available for exclusive monitoring of the programme and they have to inspect atleast 50 schools in a month.

Social audit by Gram Sabha

There is provision of social audit by Gram Sabha which in its quarterly meeting reviews various aspects of the programme and may also verify various components.

Hand Washing

Developing culture of hygienic habit of “ Hand Washing” amongst children. It is strictly instructed that students have to necessarily wash hands with soap before eating food in the same manner cooks engaged in the programme have to wash their hands with soap before preparing meal.

Medical contingency plan

There is a medical contingency plan in every school to take care of students in case of any untoward happening like food poisoning, etc.

Gas is mode of cooking

To propagate use of cooking gas and to discourage use of fuel wood in cooking of food every district has been provided with funds for one thousand connections in the name of SMC or if number of schools is less than one thousand than 100% schools are being covered with cooking gas connections before use of cooking gas a training for safe and secured use of gas is also given to cooks and SHG's.

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)