Innovative Practices followed in the State :

According to Evaluation report good habits incorporated in students, poor households have started sending their children to school regularly. As the children get good food regularly, students of all cast and creed have their meal together without any discrimination, so also there is no discrimination within boys and girls.

Contributed Rs.450 per Metric ton for transportation of Rice

State Govt. has set up the committee under the chairmanship of J.M.Abyankar for recommending changes in implementation of M.D.M. Accordingly, the recommendation of this Committee, State Govt. published G.R. on 18th June 2009 regarding improvement in implementation of MDM. As per this G.R. in Rural area Rice and other material (eg.dal, oil, turmeric powder, Salt etc.) is supplied to the school directly. In Urban area there will be central kitchen system which will provide ready cooked food directly to school. The Expression of Interest is being called for urban area. For implementing above system work is in process. State Govt. contributed Rs.450 per Metric ton for transportation of Rice.

Pre-fabricated Kitchen

The Government of Maharashtra has entrusted the work of providing Kitchen Sheds all over Maharashtra State to DPEMS. Now this office intends to provide modular prefabricated kitchen shed of approximate 120 Square Feet each for 38048 schools in various districts across all over Maharashtra State.

  1. Name of Work: Construction of Modular Pre-Fabricated Kitchen Sheds of area approx. 120 Sq. ft. each under Mid Day Meal Scheme in State of Maharashtra.
  2. Place of Work: Kitchen sheds to be constructed in various districts of Maharashtra.
  3. Estimated Cost: Rs. 228.23 Crores. (Rs.60,000/- per no.)
  4. Project Cost : Rs. 284.98 Crores (Rs.74,900/- per no.)

Salient Features of Project

  1. Size of Kitchen shed 3.30 mtr.X 3.30 mtr.
  2. Plinth Construction in BB / RCC Block / UCR Masonry.
  3. Pedestal blocks in M20 grade concrete for foundation of post.
  4. Posts & roof trusses fabricated from rolled steel section.
  5. Flooring with M15 Plain Cement Concrete.
  6. 35 mm thick Sandwich panel - walls with aluminium sheet on

Either side & insulated with Poly Eurethene Foam.

  1. Profiled colour coated Roof sheets.
  2. MS Door frame and Sandwich PUF panel door shutter.
  3. Provision of ventilation from all four sides.
  4. Provision of one light point & one plug point.

The actual construction of a pre-fabricated kitchen shed on site requires maximum 5 days to complete the kitchen shed. As time required for a kitchen shed is less comparing to time required for regular RCC or any conventional method, and costing is less as compared to any other structure. This modular pre-fabricated kitchen shed have wall panels & door shutter of fireproof material & remaining is of structural members. The kitchen shed structure has durability & is a decent structure.

Use of Biogas for cooking

Biogas Pictures
Biogas Pictures
Biogas Pictures
Biogas Pictures

Using solar energy

New Pimploli Highschool, Pimploli Ta. Ambernath Dist Thane . Rotary club Bandra, Mumbai donated solar cooker to this school. Approximate cost of this unit is Rs.60000/- and capacity of this cooker is cooks 12 kg food in one hour. This units saves fuel and it also pollution free unit. This solar cooker has zero maintenance cost.

Dining Table in Sindhudurg District

Biogas Pictures
Biogas Pictures

Pras bhag (Vegetable Garden)

Parasbag (vegetable garden) maintained in many schools. Vegetables are produce in the school campus itself. Student and teachers are enthusiastic to work in the vegetable garden.
Further detail on Modular Kitchen Design

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)