Tamil Nadu

Innovative Practices followed in the State :

Additional Items

Eggs are served to all children from 1st std to 10th std on all 5 working days. Colouring scheme for eggs for each day of the week, with impression “Tamil Nadu Arasu” to prevent pilferage and staleness. Banana weighing 100 gms is provided for non-egg eating children @ Rs.1.25 per banana. 20 gms of Black Bengal gram / Green gram is provided to children taking into consideration the present day protein, vitamins and calorific needs of the children. 20 gms of boiled potatoes on all Fridays to supplement carbohydrates.

Double Fortified Salt

Double Fortified Salt is used for cooking in order to prevent the children from Iodine deficiency thereby eradicating goitre.

Provided with mixies

To facilitate the cooking process involved in the variety meals, all the Noon Meal Centres have been provided with mixies.

Social Audit

As a special initiative from 2013 onwards Social Audit has been introduced under mid-day meal programme, to monitor the quantity and quality of food grains, preparation of food, and quality of food served to the children.

Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation supplies

Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation supplies rice, dhal, oil and salt at the doorsteps of the Noon Meal Centres in order to ensure quality and quantity.

CCH salary transfer through ECS.

In each Noon Meal Centre an Organiser, one cook and one cook assistant are employed for the implementation of the scheme. The Noon Meal Employees are provided with Special Time Scale of Pay. Their salary is credited to the respective employees’ bank account through ECS. In addition they are also provided with Festival Advance.

Pension to CCH

All retired Noon Meal Employees are provided with a monthly pension of Rs. 1000/-. During retirement the organizer is given with Rs. 50,000/- and Cook & Cook Assistant with Rs. 20,000/- as lump sum payment. In addition a sum of Rs.10,000/- is provided as Special Provident Fund. All categories of NMC staff are enrolled in PF Scheme. Allotment of account numbers by the Government Data centre is in progress. The legal heir of the Noon Meal employee who dies while in service is provided employment on compassionate grounds. State Govt is providing salary to Cook-cum-Helpers under special time scale of pay. (Organiser -Rs. 2500-5000+GP 500 Cook- Rs. 1300-3000-G.P. 300 Cook Assistant- Rs. 950-2000-GP200).

(Source : AWP&B- 2016-17 State write up)