Union Budgetary Allocation

Year Wise Outlay under Mid Day Meal Scheme (Rs. in Crore)
Financial Year BE RE Releases
2018-19 Rs.10500.00 -- Rs.9518.08
2017-18 Rs.10000.00 -- Rs.9095.81
2016-17 Rs.9700.00 Rs.9700.00 Rs.9483.40
2015-16 Rs.9236.40 Rs.9236.40 Rs.9151.55
2014-15 Rs.13215.00 Rs.11050.90 Rs.10526.97
2013-14 Rs.13215.00 Rs.12189.16 Rs.10927.21
2012-13 Rs.11937.00 Rs.11500.00 Rs.10867.90
2011-12 Rs.10380.00 Rs.10239.01 Rs.9901.91
2010-11 Rs.9440.00 Rs.9440.00 Rs.9128.44
2009-10 Rs.8000.00 Rs.7359.15 Rs.6937.79
2008-09 Rs.8000.00 Rs.8000.00 Rs.6539.52
2007-08 Rs.7324.00 Rs.6678.00 Rs.5835.44

Monthly fund release as on end of the month  (Figure (Rs.in Crore))
Financial Year 30th April 31st May 30th June 31st July 31st August 30th September 31st October 30th November 31st December 30th January 28th/29th February 31st March
2018-19 Rs.2219.35 Rs.2256.01 Rs.2256.32 Rs.2287.17 Rs.3608.21 Rs.5232.95 Rs.5237.28 Rs.5240.86 Rs.7190.82 Rs.8943.13 Rs.9433.05 Rs.9518.08
2017-18 -- -- -- -- -- Rs.4958.43 Rs.4988.60 Rs.5076.29 Rs.8045.44 Rs.8967.27 Rs.9035.09 Rs.9095.81